Thinning the herd

Waltzing Goat

“We revere our senior citizens,” said House Majority Leader Hamlin Slough to a gathering of older people on the Capitol steps. “I myself have two parents.”

His private views are less charitable.

“As any good rancher knows, sometimes you need to weed out the critters who’ve outlived their usefulness,” he tells confidants.

“Those self-centered baby boomers are sucking the Treasury dry. We should be spending the taxpayers’ money on better schools, health care for families, programs to help new businesses. Instead, most of it goes for old people, because that’s where the votes are.

“A lot of my younger constituents are ready to revolt.

“It angers them to see elderly couples hog the highways with expensive RV’s the size of buses when young people can’t even afford proper dental care.

“The generational divide is expanding, the debt is increasing, and greedy geezers are the biggest cause. America’s health care costs are…

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